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The Complete Chiropractic Education System (Spanish)

The Spanish Version of the Complete Chiropractic Education Systems consist of over 1500 SPANISH slides of impacting evidence based, research oriented information that has been proven to not only generate huge numbers of new patients, but also to produce better educated and more compliant existing patients. All with no effort on your part! Just by implementing one of our simple, powerful, cost effective systems, which are all started with just the click of a button.

Perhaps you are thinking that this sounds too good to be true, but please view the sample slides available here or click on the titles at the side, where a detailed description of the products is provided, and you will begin to understand how so many clinics around the world have had quantifiable increases to the size of their practices simply by implementing this one simple system.

This is a patient education system that works on autopilot supplying a constant stream of high quality, educational and impacting images and information which will absolutely transform your practice.

The impact this system can have on your practice needs to be experienced to be believed… Not just on the number of new patients, but also on your existing patients.

There are currently 10 reception room presentations available in Spanish which are all specifically designed to subtly educate your patients every time they visit your practice.

The presentations available in Spanish include:

Kids and Chiropractic
Wellness Care
Women's Health
Sports and Athletic Performance
Work Injuries
Motor Vehicle Accidents
Chiropractic Quiz
Chiropractic Safety and Children

For further details including pricing, samples of each presentation and also how to order please email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

The Spanish presentations are available in CD and DVD format.

(Please visit the 'Education Systems' page (above) for details on how to purchase this product as part of a package at a substantial discount).

As CD’s these presentations are therefore very easily modified to suit your practice. Should there be a slide amongst the over 1800 slides that is not perfectly aligned with your particular practice vision then it is a very easy process to just delete that slide. (Click on ‘edit’ then ‘delete slide’…it’s that easy!) This way you can be comfortable that every parcel of information that your patients are exposed to is perfectly aligned with and supports your unique practice vision.

Spanish Pricing
Please note: While prices are quoted in Australian Dollars, these presentations have been specifically designed for use all over the world. All of our presentations are 'country specific, whether your practice is in Chicago, Madrid, London, Sydney or Auckland. In fact chiropractic offices all over the world are every day using these presentations to ethically and with integrity build hugely successful family wellness practices.

For pricing outside Australia please go to 'Select your Currency', (located at the left of this page). Simply select your currency from the drop down menu and then click on 'Change Currency'. The price in your countries currency will then be displayed when you proceed to checkout.


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