Chiropractic Patient Education…do the puzzle pieces fit together?

Chiropractic patient education. How important is it? What works best? What chiropractic marketing products does my practice need to grow? What chiropractic patient education procedures do I need to build the family practice of my dreams?

Before starting on the road that will lead you to the family practice of your dreams, it is necessary for you to understand that an important aspect, in fact an essential aspect of this success is your ability to educate your patients and your community about the amazing potential of chiropractic. The chiropractic patient education procedures you have in place in your practice and the chiropractic marketing that you take out into your community will play a large role in determining your success in practice.

An essential aspect of this chiropractic patient education process is to make sure that all the pieces of your chiropractic marketing strategy fit together. You must make sure that every aspect of the patients visit to your office is aligned with and supports your teams vision. You need to ask yourself…”Is my chiropractic patient education system congruent and streamlined? Does my practice convey a consistent theme? What is the message my chiropractic patient education procedures are conveying?”

In order to answer these questions you need to examine every aspect of your chiropractic marketing process, every aspect of your chiropractic patient education system. You need to closely analyse everything your new patients read, fill in, watch or listen to during their first three visits, and beyond.

Your chiropractic patient education process often begins when the patient first visits your practice website, or perhaps when they see your yellow pages advertisement. Are these consistent with the message you wish to portray to your patients? Do they begin the chiropractic patient education process for these potential new chiropractic patients? Does the potential new patient feel empowered to call your office?

And then once the patient visits your practice as a new patient, is that message consistent as they proceed through their first chiropractic visit? The forms they fill in, your office policy documents and your consent form. Do they all convey a consistent message? Are they all consistent in their look and appearance?

Are your wall charts conveying the chiropractic patient education message that is consistent with your unique practice vision? Do you have reception room patient education presentations on a plasma TV? If so, is the message the chiropractic presentations convey to your patients congruent with your chiropractic marketing plan. Are they supporting the chiropractic message you would like to project?

The chiropractic video or chiropractic DVD that you show your patients or the parents of your patients prior to the first appointment. Does it support your chiropractic marketing strategy? Is it aligned with the chiropractic patient education blueprint you have for your practice?

Do you have chiropractic report documents that you hand out to your patients?

Do you have chiropractic educational DVD’s or chiropractic video’s that you give to patients to take home?

Are chiropractic pamphlets or chiropractic research handouts a part of your chiropractic patient education strategy?

Do you have a chiropractic ‘on-hold’ messaging system that is aligned with and supportive of your vision?

Do you have chiropractic audio CD’s for patients to take home or listen to in the car?

Do you hold a chiropractic workshop in your practice?

In many practices these chiropractic marketing ‘pieces of the jigsaw’ have all been added together individually over a long period of time, as different products and different chiropractic marketing ideas and technology became available. Sometimes the direction of the practice changes and as this happens new chiropractic marketing strategies, new chiropractic patient education ideas are introduced. This can often result in a chiropractic marketing situation that is not ideal, an end result that from a chiropractic patient education point of view is not as effective as it might be.

Ask yourself when analysing your patient education strategy. Does each piece of the jigsaw fit together to form a clear coherent picture. Try to view your patient education procedure through a "beginners mind," like someone who is new to your office. Is each piece of your chiropractic marketing consistent with your philosophy?

Can any of your chiropractic forms be consolidated to reduce the amount of paper? Do all of your chiropractic forms have a similar look?

Does your chiropractic patient education efforts advance your teams purpose?
Indeed do they have a purpose?

Does your chiropractic marketing enhance your ability to create the type of patient relationships you want?

Do they project the quality, attention-to-detail and aesthetics that would attract the calibre of patients you enjoy seeing?

Not until you step back and view your practice as a whole can you truly appreciate the importance of having a chiropractic marketing system, a chiropractic patient education system that is aligned with and supportive of your practice vision.

The chiropractic patient education products available through the websites , , and are all consistent in the message they convey to your patients, to the parents of your patients and to the community. These are the products that thousands of chiropractors around the world have successfully used to build their family practices. Chiropractic patient education products that all fit together like one big jigsaw, creating a picture for your patients that is consistent, clear and very empowering.


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