The Paediatric Practice Education System
set includes presentations designed specifically for that practice wanting to substantially increase the number of children who present as patients. This is also ideal for that practice that already sees lots of children, but would like to see more!

These four presentations will certainly create new patients, but they will also create better educated, more compliant, more loyal EXISTING patients.

    The set includes 4 presentations, a total of 900 slides.
  • Kids and Chiropractic…a research perspective.
  • Pregnancy and Chiropractic … naturally.
  • Chiropractic Safety for Children
  • Vaccinations… a parents choice.

All aspects relevant to the importance of chiropractic care for children is addressed in these 4 colourful and very impacting presentations. (Please click on the titles at the side to see a description of each of the presentations individually).

Your patients will be educated every time they visit your office. And remember that the presentations are designed to be non-intrusive as they have no sound. The secret to the effectiveness of these presentations lies in the fact that a person can start watching the presentations at any time and regardless of whether they view them for 2 minutes or 22 minutes they will learn important information on the importance of chiropractic care.

We recommend incorporating a computer with a flat screen such as an LCD or a plasma screen in your reception area and/or adjusting rooms. (However a simple TV and DVD player can be just as effective!) Place the screen(s) in a prominent position in your clinic and watch your patients be educated every time they visit your clinic.

Perhaps your practice is located in a shopping centre. What a spectacular opportunity to place a screen in your window in full view of passing shoppers. What a fantastic way to create a steady stream of CHILD new patients to your practice!

The Paediatric Practice Education System, a must for any team wanting to see more children in practice.

Please note: While the price below is quoted in Australian Dollars, all of our presentations are 'country specific', whether your practice is in Chicago, London, Sydney or Auckland. In fact chiropractic offices all over the world are every day using these presentations to ethically and with integrity build hugely successful family wellness practices.

For pricing outside Australia please go to 'Select your Currency', (located at the left of this page). Simply select your currency from the drop down menu and then click on 'Change Currency'. The price in your countries currency will then be displayed when you proceed to checkout.

Individually this would cost A$730(+gst).
Purchased as a complete package you get all 4 presentations for only A$495(+gst).

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