Should I order CD’s or DVD’s?

All presentations are available in CD or DVD format. So what will best suit your practice?

If you are playing from a computer we recommend CD's. The benefit of using CD’s (as opposed to DVD’s) is the flexibility that a CD allows you. Should there be a slide amongst the over 1800 slides in these presentations that is not perfectly aligned with your unique practice vision then it is a very easy process to just delete that slide. This way you can be comfortable that every parcel of information that your patients are exposed to is aligned with and supports your unique practice vision. The DVD's on the other hand are obviously finished products and cannot be modified.

Be aware also that with CD’s you cannot run this presentation on the same computer as your practice software. It needs its own computer. But it doesn't need to be a new computer. Any old computer will do, so long as it can run Powerpoint. You may wish to run more than one screen in your practice from the one computer. Obviously this has the added benefit of exposing your patients to this information in the reception area as well as your adjusting rooms. You will need a ‘splitter’ to achieve this. Please discuss your options with your ‘IT’ specialist.

If you are planning on using a DVD player to show the presentations then the DVD's would suit you best. (You cannot play the CD's from a DVD player).

Please note that the Spanish Presentations are ONLY available in CD format.


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